Pretty gift box toppers that are so easy to make

It’s a small miracle: I am almost done with Christmas shopping and am starting to wrap the gifts. Woot! No more mad rush and paper cuts the night before Christmas.

Seriously, it does feel good to get the shopping done and not fight with the throng of last minute shoppers. And now that I’ve started prettying up the gifts, I realise I don’t hate gift wrapping as much as I thought I did. I must admit that it feels good to give (and receive) a pretty gift, not a “what’s that mummified thing in gold paper?”

So for the 3 of the most darling women in my life, I sure hope they’ll enjoy receiving these.

Sweet, aren’t they?

The gift toppers are made from cupcake liners I have left over from the Christmas ornaments project

In the boxes are these adorable jars of hand cream from The Face Shop. Cute as pie.

First I downloaded a box template and made the boxes from a cardboard salvaged from my trash. (I chose this template because it smiled at me. See it?)

Here’s the little guy snug in it. I padded it with pink tissue paper. 

I wrapped the box with JULMYS gift wrap. Then proceeded to make the toppers from the JULKUL liners.

This one is made from this tutorial by Camilla. It is super easy and took me under 5 minutes to complete it.

The second one is improvised from Martha’s Cupcake-Paper Carnations. Her instructions didn’t quite work for me. So instead of using an awl and a brass brad and all that jazz, I nested the liners and pushed a needle with thread through the centre of the “flower”. Knotted both ends. Some globs of glue help hold the carnation in place.

This last one I did by trial and error. I cut a round piece of cardboard, about 1.5 inch in diameter. Pinched the base of the liners and glued their bottoms on to the card. Kept adding liners until the card was full. Then I cut triangular strips from a red liner and pasted them sporadically onto the white ones, to add a burst of colour. Lastly, I glued the card with liners onto the gift box. On hind sight, I should have made the outer ring of liners smaller. As it is, I do find it a tad top heavy for the small box.  

Now I just can’t wait to give them away.

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