How to hide your cutting mat in 30 minutes

I work with paper quite a bit. And the cutting mat is my best friend. While I love how useful it is, it doesn’t look pretty. Thus far, I’ve always just left it on my craft table because I loath having to search for tools when my DIY bug bites. After rummaging through boxes and drawers and getting hot and bothered, my motivation nose dives and I’d rather be sipping a latte instead. When tools are accessible, it just makes it so much easier to start, don’t you think? A place for everything, as Momma always said.

Then there is the problem of my craft area – looking kinda sad. Bare and forlorn. It’s still a work in progress, slowly progressing …

Please give me some love …

The idea was to turn the mat into wall art. It’s flat. I don’t need to use the back side of the mat. Perfect! The question was how to hang it. Enter the BUMERANG Pants Hanger. I chose the pants hanger instead of skirt hanger as I didn’t want little teeth marks on my board.

Once that was sorted, getting it up was easy peasy.

Cutting Mat
BUMERANG Pants Hanger
Wrapping paper or fabric or a piece of art you wish to hang up
Spray glue or latex glue
Hard cardboard to spread the glue (I used an old OLEBY box)
X-ACTO knife
3M Command Mini-Hooks, Clear or any other wall hook that can hold the weight of the mat

With a wet cloth, wipe clean the back of the cutting mat. Let dry.
On the wall, mark where you want to hang the mat and stick on the 3M hook. Do not hang anything on it for an hour.
Spray or spread glue all over the back of the mat. (I used latex glue as I ran out of the spray stuff.) With a stiff cardboard, spread out the glue if you are not using spray glue.

Carefully stick on the wrapping paper, starting from one end and smoothing it down with a stiff cardboard. Make sure that all the edges are stuck on well.

IKEA packaging scraps always come in handy

Trim the excess paper.

I have a smaller mat too … still thinking what to do with it.

Clip on the BUMERANG Pants Hanger, centralising it.
Hang it on the hook and you’re done!

Decidedly more cheerful!

If you do find your mat slipping, clip on a piece of anti-slip grip pad between the back side of the mat and the hanger. It’ll hold. Mine is hanging pretty well.

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  1. LOVE this idea. i am going to buy the mat through amazon when available. THANK YOU for your blog and Ikea hackers site!

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