The start of Christmas shopping at IKEA

There’s no such thing as a white Christmas where I live. Brown is more likely. Most days it will be green. Scorching hot. Then a thunderstorm. Like now. That’s the formula for high levels of humidity, I tell you. Heavy and sticky. It turns you into a hog. And not a cute one.

But a few days ago, I had as close to a white Christmas as I will ever get living near the Equator. At IKEA. Where else? Every year, I do make it a point to check out their Christmas ornaments and decor because they always make me feel happy. The promise of peace, joy and good tidings to all men.

On that trip, I was lucky enough to not fall for every bauble and bling, and inflict myself with lots of painful ka-ching. I escaped almost unscathed except with a poinsettia (I can’t resist red, did I tell you?) and some goodies for handmade ornaments, (which I hope to share with you next week.) 

The IKEA blue bag (it is usually called FRAKTA but I don’t know why the small one says BRATTBY on the label) makes a good wrapper for the poinsettia plant, if you’re planning to give away a “green” gift. The blues does make the red leaves pop up so much more. Tie a ribbon round the base to tuck the excess material and there you have it.

You could add a small card with a special message for the recipient and “care instructions” for your little bloom of a gift.

December is just a bend away. I wish you days of love, good company and lots of wise shopping.

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