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My hunt for a new patterned rug finally over!

I have had this cream-colored rug for close to 10 years now. Lately, it was beginning to look blah, and I was having geometric dreams. Inspired by what the bold (with steady hands) have done, I contemplated painting it using stencils, painter’s tape, or Sharpie. I can hack it, definitely, but there is a bigger issue – size, that is.

The rug has always been a little too small for my living room dimensions. I made do but was never satisfied. And you know how that feels.

Photo Credit: Jules Yap

See what I mean?

In the meantime, while hunting for patterned rugs, the ALVINE RUTA caught my eye. I like yellow, a color I am beginning to love a lot in recent days. (It’s such a happy color, like a ray of sunshine indoors) Then, at the SALE, I saw it, and – dum dum dum – it was reduced. ALVINE came home with me!

When I spread out all of its 5′ 7″ x 7′ 10″ glory in my living room, the size was perfect, but it didn’t look quite right with my furniture placement. There are some “rug rules,” it seems. (Here, too, if you are into that sort of thing) But for me, it’s just gut. Sofa legs on or off, 2 legs in or out – it’s not an exact science – you’ll know when it looks and feels right.

Here’s how it looked in place of the cream rug. Nay, definitely.

Photo Credit: Jules Yap

That could only mean it’s time to rearrange the furniture (again). I moved the sofa to the long side of the wall and rug. Instantly, the flow was better. I was feeling the ‘vibe’.

Photo Credit: Jules Yap

Instead of the sofa, I moved my KALLAX bookcase to the middle of the room to serve as a space divider.

Photo Credit: Jules Yap

A view from the other side, with all my stuff in.

Photo Credit: Jules Yap

Loving my ALVINE. It’s funny how it feels like I’ve got a whole new living room.

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  1. first of all, your home looks beautifull and as wide as i never imagined! secondly, i never was so fond on colours or patterns of any kind. i like neutral best, so your choice just matches mine. but i'll suggest a totally bold colored rug, as far as i can see from the pictures. or refloor the room 😉

  2. Thanks Jo, it's not as wide as it seems. The camera lens helps. Retiling the floor is not an option at the moment, though I would love to have wooden floors.

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