How about chalk “wallpaper”?

It was too hot to sleep, so I did this instead.

My chalkboard wall is turning to be my go-to place whenever I feel the need to “do something with my hands”. Before this triangle “wallpaper”, I had on a whimsical bird on a clothesline. But last night, I was in the mood for more geometry.

The hardest part was getting the lines straight. Which I seem not to be able to do, even with a ruler. After some trial and error I got better.

But it’s chalk! No fear. Mistakes gone with a wet cloth.

At last, I nailed those triangles down but they looked kinda stark. I filled in some spots for more interest. I wished I had gotten some colored chalks, but white was all I had in hand.

I am happy with it for now. Let’s see how long this stays up? What pattern should I have up next?

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