Hello chalkboard!

Just wanted to post an update on the red wall.

It’s now a chalkboard (Nippon Satin Glo Crater Black).

Truth be told, I had a bit of painter’s remorse the few days after the red wall was gone. The room felt a tad darker and I wasn’t sure I had picked the right colour. And my furniture didn’t seem to go with the new scheme anymore. (That red chair has to got to go. Am thinking how to reupholster it?)

But it has grown on me and I am looking forward to doodling and writing my favourite poems on it. Give me some time, the rest of the room will slowly shift shape to melt into this new black.

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  1. I have a burgundy wall and 4 pillars that I just love but they'll have to go in order to match the new look in a room I'm re-arranging and changing. Chalkboards are fun unfortunately I'm not redoing a kitchen or work area, so that won't be the next 'color', but love your chalkboard! Enjoy!

  2. The colour looks fine, you're probably having some familiarity bias because you're used to the red 😉

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