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One of my local papers, the Malay Mail did a piece on me, out today. Recently, there has been a lot of press, due to the IKEA trademark dispute. But this one is a more personal one. I get to tell my story of how IKEAhackers started and why I love it so.

You’ll find out that I bleed Lingonberry juice, among other things. And that my IKEA radar is always on — and if I ever step into your home, I have this annoying habit of picking out and exclaiming “Oh, that’s IKEA!” (Nowadays I do hold back the exclamations! For fear of not being invited again)

Starting IKEAhackers has also taken my career on a totally different tangent. It has given me the opportunity to work from home and opened doors to network with people from all over the world. Which is probably the most fun part of the “job”, if you can call it that.

Read the full article.

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  1. Jules I love you no matter what these idiots say thank you we needed something like this please dont let them try and stop it

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